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Hi! I’m Jonny Webster the very proud father of an autistic son. Over the last few years I’ve undertaken a few challenges to raise funds for the Lighthouse School in Leeds, an incredible educational facility geared solely to provide education to children with a diagnosis of autism. I decided that any fundraising challenge must be exactly that… a challenge. 2023 is going to be probably the biggest yet… and it’s a walking challenge again. Starting on Sunday 11th June 2023, my challenge is to climb each of the National 3 peaks (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike & Snowdon), not just once, but 3 times in 5 days - 9 peaks in total. Climbing the three highest mountains in England, Scotland & Wales isn’t for the faint hearted. Climbing each of them 3 times in less than a week is, I’m told, pretty hardcore… we’ll see if the challenge can be completed before deciding on my ‘hardcore’ status, but let’s face it, how hard can it be? As in previous years, it’s all to raise funds for the Lighthouse School (an incredible Leeds based school for kids with a dia- gnosis of autism) and the National Autistic Society. With your generosity and my endurance, we can make a massive difference to those phenomenal, extra special kids. From the small amount of online research I’ve carried out, this doesn’t seem to be a challenge that’s been completed too many times! So if you can support my efforts with a donation of any size it really will be hugely appreciated. Please spread the word, tell your friends, family and colleagues and if they can give a little too, that’s even better. Massive thanks for taking a look at what I’m up to and any donation will make a massive difference. Best wishes Jonny
Climbing each of the National 3 Peaks, 3 times, in 5 days challenge, to raise funds for The Lighthouse School and The National Autistic Society 11/06/2023 - 16-06/2023
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The Itinerary (updated 5th June 2023)

If you’ve visited this page before, you might notice the itinerary has changed. I took the decision to complete each mountain 3 times before moving to the next, rather than attempting the National 3 Peaks Circuit 3 times. Reasons? First, the environmental impact from the driving by completing ‘circuits’. Second, the potential for the schedule being thrown out massively by unforeseen traffic conditions. Third, the overall cost implications. The new itinerary is as follows: Saturday 10th June: Drive to Fort William, Scotland 5am Sunday 11th June Start Ben Nevis. 11am Sunday 11th June Complete Ben Nevis for first time. 12 noon Sunday 11th June Start Ben Nevis. 6pm Sunday 11th June Complete Ben Nevis for second time. 5am Monday 12th June Start Ben Nevis. 11am Monday 12th June Complete Ben Nevis for third time. 11.30am Monday 12th June Leave Scotland and head to Wasdale Head, Lake District - the start for Scafell Pike. 5.30pm Monday 12th June Start Scafell Pike. 10pm Monday 12th June Complete Scafell Pike for first time. 2pm Tuesday 13th June Start Scafell Pike. 6.30pm Tuesday 13th June Complete Scafell Pike for second time. 10am Wednesday 14th June Start Scafell Pike. 2.30pm Wednesday 14th June Complete Scafell Pike for third time. 3pm Wednesday 14th June Leave Lake District and head to Llanberis, Wales - the start for Snowdon. 12 noon Thursday 15th June Start Snowdon. 4.30pm Thursday 15th June Complete Snowdon for first time. 6am Friday 16th June Start Snowdon. 10.30am Friday 16th June Complete Snowdon for second time. 12 noon Friday 16th June Start Snowdon. 4.30pm Friday 16th June Complete Snowdon for third time AND COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE!!!

Some important acknowledgements:

Admin support: Wendy Vehicle provided by: GOAT Roadtrip - Leeds Driving and most important person: Sarah Fundraising Support - Lighthouse: Klare Hunt The kidz: Ollie, Luke & Ellie Kids with a diagnosis of autism all over the World - you’re ALL amazing!!!
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